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(10/19/2011) William Jeffery Kartak

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William Jeffery Kartak made his appearance on October 13 at 10:28pm. He was 8lbs 8oz 20 1/4 inches long. It was the FASTEST labor EVER but really intense!! As Auntie Erika wrote in an entry when I was in labor I drank some castor oil sometime around 3:30 or so and then rested the rest of the afternoon. I ate dinner around 5:30 and had maybe had a couple contractions by then but nothing to get too excited about. Then around 6:30 they started coming but I wasn't timing them and I knew at some point in the evening I would be going to the hospital. Well around 8 I decided to take a bath and they took off from there! We left for the hospital at 9:15 or 9:20 and got there at 9:45 and he was here at 10:28!! It was crazy but I am so happy he is here! He is so precious and the girls are sooooo in love with him!! Well we are all so in love with him! We are all doing so well! I feel great and it has been nice to have the girls home this week they are great helpers. A nurse came to do a house visit on Monday and William already went past his birth weight he weighed 8lbs 10oz so he is doing so well! He is a very good eater! Oh yeah I forgot on Thursday morning Abbey saw me walk past her room and she said to me, "Mom we are never going to have a baby!" I said I know! Then she said "I know he is cleaning up your belly then he will be ready to come out!" Heh I said you are so right!!! I love it! That was so cute! Alice always did cute things too she was always running up to my belly and talk to her brother in there telling him to come out and she would tickle him! I promise to get all the pictures up soon but I am not sure when. I will work on it when I can! So keep checking back!

Auntie Erika's entry just in case some of you missed it.

Baby William is en route. They just headed to the hospital - so this is Auntie Erika at 9PM Montana time 10PM MN time. I suggested maybe the Mama to be drink some castor oil a few days ago and then this morning after waking up a bit frustrated again I think Melissa was willing to try almost anything. She ventured out to stock up on groceries and stopped in New Prague at Walgreens to get a bottle of castor oil (she said it looked some something you should put in a lawn mower). But it kicked her in to the zone. I don't know a single other thing...except that maybe that baby will come on Great Grandma Eleanor's birthday? Guess we will know soon. Wishing I wasn't so far away through tears but sending all of the love I can muster up. Hoping things go smoothly and my baby nephew is here soon. And hoping my sister doesn't still want to punch me for how gross that castor oil was after her baby is here.

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