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(10/02/2012) Sometime before Summer! :(

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Again it has been awhile! I still have TONS of pictures to put up I promise I will get them up before the Hickey's come in a couple of weeks. William found out he has a tongue, well he found out he can stick it out at us which is pretty funny. He is crawling everywhere he started crawling in the middle of May. He is a very busy boy! We also have been trying to get him in his crib. Each night is different but he makes it a few hours before waking up. He got his second bottom tooth it took longer than I thought it would, and I am sure the others aren't too far behind. Alice just finished preschool before Memorial weekend, and on the last day of school I was the helper and they had their annual bike parade which was awesome like always! She was so excited about it but she was not ready for school to be over! She cried the night before not ready for the next day to come, because she knew it was the last day of school. Poor girl. Abbey's last week of school is this week she is excited to be in 1st grade but she said she will miss Mrs. Hemann. She is going to summer school for 5 weeks this summer so she will be extra ready for 1st grade. Abbey had her end of the year program last week it was so cute. They sang songs, we had a picnic and then they got some cute memory books and it was a cute way to end the year.

We had our first weekend at the cabin over Memorial weekend and of course had a blast! We can't wait to go back! We of course have a busy summer but with swimming lessons, Camp Grandmapa with cousins, volleyball, soccer and summer school. Keep checking back I promise to have pictures up soon of the past 6 months!!! Heh! They will also tell you what else we have been up to!

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