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(03/06/2012) Finally but forgot to copy the last entry

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Well hello everyone if you even still check our website! We are still here!! I know this is VERY overdue and I know I won't remember all the fun and exciting things we have been doing but I have pictures for that. So I am going to talk about what is going on now instead of going back to November because I am pretty sure that is the last time I updated the website! :) William is 4 months old and he is 15 lbs. He is doing well and is so much fun. His little personality is coming out and we just love him to pieces! We love his giggles and he has the best smile! He discovered his feet this week and is very happy about it, he has also rolled once or twice but he doesn�t seem to care too much about it! Alice had her first lemonade stand in February who would have thought! It has been such a warm winter! Anyways we didn't have lemonade so it turned into a squeezie yogurt stand and then a few granola bars were added to the table too. She was a little impatient right away but then the Schwan's man bought a granola bar and then the neighbors came and then Grandma Margaret. So she had a lot of fun. She was watching the tv show Olivia and she had a lemonade stand and then Alice had to go out and do it too. At first I said no then I went back to fold laundry and I heard the front door open and she has squeezie yogurts and napkins. So then I said ok lets do it and I carried her table outside. Alice is still LOVING preschool and she is signed up for 3 days next year and she is excited about it. Abbey is doing so well in school and I see so much improvement everyday!! Abbey is also super obsessed with clothes and what she is wearing. (A little annoying for Mama) She for some reason has a weird thing about her shirts and she feels the need to tie them back with a pony holder! I don't allow it at school because it just looks weird and when she is at home she stands in front of our long mirror in our room and just stares at herself. She has also lately been rolling her pants up to her knees but she does it when she gets to school I don�t get it! I don't know if she is trying to copy girls at school but I suppose that is all part of it and I just tell her to be herself. Anyways I am ready for this to pass because she changes her clothes about 80 times every morning! :) Coloring is Abbey�s favorite thing to do she said someday she is going to be an artist! We have an exciting month we are heading up to Breezy Point next Friday until Tuesday night and then March 29th we are heading to Montana to visit over spring break! We can�t wait! I will let you know how the drive goes we are leaving Thursday night so hopefully we get far while they are sleeping. Keep checking back I will be putting up a ton of pictures!

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