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(04/25/2012) William's first tooth

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Well I still have a TON of pictures to put on and I haven't done it! Heh! Oops we have been busy of course! We had a BLAST in Montana even though the drive there was a little crazy. Our little Alice took her first trip to the ER on Thursday night at 2:00am! While William, Abbey and I waited at the hotel in Bismark, ND. She ended up being okay (still in pain) but okay. We thought her appendix was going to burst she was screaming in pain poor girl. The next morning she said "I don't want to be me anymore, " because it was hurting so much. Poor girl. But we continued on for 12 more hours and made it to Missoula. The kids did AWESOME in the van I was so happy! We did as much as we could squeeze in while we were there obviously not doing everything we wanted to but it seems like we never can! We headed home on and got home Friday around dinner just in time to start getting ready to host Easter. We had a great Easter too the sun was shining so we were able to have our annual bean bag tournament! Abbey lost her 2 front teeth just in time for Easter too! I love it she looks so cute! Alice had an art show at school and she had some pretty great art I will take pictures and post them on the website sometime heh! William is now 6 months old and he got his first tooth yesterday 4/24/12. Yeah!! He is sitting up and I know crawling isn't too far away! I know I am forgetting some other important information but I PROMISE I will try to get up to date on pictures! I know the cool weather coming up will help!

I also started something new I am going to start selling Thirty-one! I have a website it is www.mythirtyone.com/166931. So check it out they have some great products! They are great for Mother's Day, graduation, etc!!

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